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We inspire and empower youth to achieve their livelihood dreams in education, employment, participation, gender and health issues

In Tanzania, youths of age 15-35 are 34 percent of almost 58.7 million people and constitute a great share of the country’s labour force of about 68 percent of the entire population. We promote youth empowerment in education, employment, participation, gender and health issues through enabling them access education, vocational skills, inspirations forums and showing their creativity and talents. We support youths finding their ways and opportunities that encourage them in taking charge of their lives, access to resources and transform their consciousness, beliefs, values, and attitudes.

We encourage youth to grab opportunities for generating income, creating and establishing vocational workshops and forming entrepreneurship groups for self-employment. We link youths with vocational institutions, workshops and income generating groups to learn and practice new skills for building their self-confidences in establishing and running their own business. We support Youth to access vocational trainings, own potential materials and equipment and startup capital for establishing and running their own businesses.

We promote youth lead inspiration talks/ platforms that enable youths sharing their thoughts and transforming inspiration morals among them. We use heroes in education, entrepreneurship, problems solving, extraordinary doers, creativity and talented young adults to inspire students, peer groups, visionary youths, girls and young mothers to reach their development potentials. We mentor visionary adolescents and young adults to fulfill their dreams in education, employment, business, social development and leadership. We prioritize youth groups of primary and secondary schools, young adult in the community, girls and young mothers.

We educate adolescents and youth during early adolescence (10-14), late adolescence (15-19) and post-adolescence (20-24), on sexual health and reproductive lives.

We believe that ‘’Young people are the future of societies and their needs should be addressed in order to have healthy and productive citizens’’. We create awareness on their reproductive and sexual health decision and rights, access to appropriate reproductive health information and services, effect of early marriage, early pregnant, early engaging in sexual practices and Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI) and HIV. We build their capacity to analyzing situations in youthhood relationships logically in terms of cause and effect, think about their futures, evaluate alternatives, set personal goals and make mature decisions in their day-to-day relationships. We educate about changes occur during youthhood’s biologically, emotionally and psychosocially including reproductive health problems, peer pressures, behaviors changes and its consequences. We support sanitation materials such as sanitary pads to school girls and psychosocial support to adolescents and youths who are at risk of violence, sextortion, early marriage, poverty-driven to sex workers.

We promote adult literacy programs in the community that are easy reach to all youths and adults particularly the poor and disadvantaged. Our adult literacy programs focus on creating awareness on the importance of adult literacy writing, reading and operate with numbers in day-to-day life practices; Support youths and women and men with literacy challenges through integrating the program with other social and economic programs in the community; and cooperate with existing government structures supporting adult literacy programs in the community.