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Peter Bayo(Board chair)

Mr. Peter H. Bayo is holding an Advanced Diploma in Community Development, Project Planning and Management arena and he has been spending most of his career in Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) by working with numerous organizations including COMECA, PANITA and ANGONET. Currently he is the Chief Secretary of Arusha NGO Network (ANGONET) a regional umbrella body for over 82 CSOs including NGOs and CBOs. Peter has joined the Board of Elimu Community Light to bring and contribute his experiences and expertise to the organization’s management, leadership and cooperation he has gained on this career for over 24 years. He has a big exposure and experience to private sector, policy makers and government engagement in the CSOs operation at local government to the national levels. His presence on the Elimu Community Light Board of Directors team provides the organization wide opportunities to expand its networking, operation and mutual cooperation between the organization and policy makers, government agencies and private sector.

Mis Eunice Tondi is a teacher by profession, holding a Bachelor Degree in Education and Diploma in Special Education. Currently, she is serving as a City Special Education Needs Officer in Arusha City Council. Before she served as a Deputy Officer of the Primary Education Department in Arusha City Council. Prior to she was a trainer of Special Education career to special education teachers after being taught at several primary schools for 15 years. In her career Mis Tondi has built her expertise in Teaching and learning needs of special education obtained from different institutions and countries include Patandi special education teachers’ college based in Tanzania, Wroclaw-Poland, Helisk-Finland, New York-USA, Windhoek-Namibia and Vancouver-Canada. Mis Tondi’s passion and commitment to the Board of Directors is to ensure the organization achieves its education program strategies. She has dedicated to support the organization through her expertise in the education arena, resource mobilization, and building organization reputation and cooperation with the government.

Dr Benjamin W. Sirimba

Dr Benjamin Sirimba earned Masters Degree in International Business Management from Business School of Netherlands before pursuing his Doctorate in Finance and Accounting at Brookdell University in USA. Today Benjamin serves us the Board Chairman of Afrika Rudi and Tanzania HydroPower Association and the Group CEO of AGP consulting Ltd. Dr Sirimba Dedicated to giving back to the community through various charities in Eastern and Southern Africa that has developed the meaningful community engagement models. Dr. Sirimba has joined ECOLI’s Board of Directors team to foster the organization’s mission through contributing his expertise and career in charity and financial management support.

A self-described Mr. Boniface Limo is among of current Elimu Community Light (ECOLI) Board members who is committed to the organization’s resources mobilization and project operations. He is holding a Bachelor Degree in Sociology obtained at University of Dar-es-saalam and has spent the last 21 years creating social changes as the government community development servant and civil society organizations sector. Currently he is most passionate about consultation works to Non-profit industry. As a community development expert turned to work with Non-profit organizations such as Maarifa ni Ufunguo and ACT-Tanzania, he has developed a unique perspective when it comes to resources mobilization and project management cycle. Influenced by his background experiences and commitment, he aspires to join ECOLI’s Board of Directors team to advance the organization in the next stage of its operations, development and sustainability

Mis Adeline J. Gara has remained as an institutional memory of Elimu Community Light. She has a long history of volunteering in this organization and has remarkable identity in helping the organizational development in the area of management, administration, accounting and community outreach. Current, she is the retired officer. Gara is a true asset to ECOLI’s team of board members and the current organization’s operation strategies especially in entrepreneurship activities. Prior to joining ECOLI, Mis Adeline was an accountant at World Vision and BEST NGOs based in Arusha, and Swala-Games Traders a private business company. Mis Adeline is holding Diploma in Accounting obtained from Cambridge College, Advance Diploma in administration and Management obtained from ESAMI institute.