1. I would like to become a sponsor. What is the easiest way to transfer the money to Elimu Community Light?

*Answer:* The only fast option is through Western Union Money Transfer, or by using the Bank transaction system. We cannot access Paypal or process credit card payments in Tanzania.

2. Can you tell more about the distribution of funds – how much of the sponsorship money do the children receive? Do they receive 100% of the funding or is part allocated to administrative costs?

*Answer: * $5000 of sponsorship money will cover school fees for 100 children. This covers general school fees & school supplies. A portion is also allocated to pay house rent costs for our teachers as well as cover teacher salaries.

3. How are the children chosen who will receive a sponsor – if you have more than one in need of help and do the children communicate during the year with their sponsor – or do the sponsors receive any updates from your organization on how the child is doing? If so, who manages that?

*Answer:* We know well the community we serve. We collaborate with community members to get information on children that are in most need. We ask family members to write up the background of the prospective child as well as to provide information on the family’s socio-economic situation. They should be proven by the community though their testimony and third person witnesses. After this information is obtained, we have an agreement that is signed which includes how the sponsor will get information about the progress of their sponsored child. We have also agreed that updates will be posted to our website. We talk with sponsors about what kind of updates they would like to receive on the child as well.

4. How does Elimu community Light support parents?

*Answer:* We have a program to train parents in entrepreneurship so that they can support their children in the future. We offer sponsorship 1-3 years depending on the total time a child stays at one of our centers. I understand the community and opportunities available to all. We have already assisted individuals in this way and they have succeeded, so we hope to expand this program now to parents. We are located in town area where there are lots of opportunities, but the problem is how to use them.

If you are interested in  our campaign efforts and becoming a child sponsor please contact us for more information on how your donation will reach a child.


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Box 14767 Arusha – Tanzania,

Sinon Area after Sinon secondary and Sinon Primary Schools.

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