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Jifunze Nyumbani (Learn at home) Initiative

Support vulnerable children in Arusha community to access audiovisual educational materials and expand their learning opportunities after school hours, master lessons skills and improve their education performance.

Elimu Community Light is believing that “All children have the right to access quality and equitable education’’. We promote the access to quality and equitable education for all children at pre-primary, primary and secondary education levels through enhancing initiatives that promote learning opportunities both school and home. We prioritize to support underserved children to access education.
Elimu Community Light (ECOLI) is undertaking an initiative that promotes learning beyond the school environment known as Jifunze Nyumbani (Learn at Home) through producing and distributing audiovisual materials for pre-primary, primary and ordinary secondary education levels in the Arusha community.  The initiative breaks through the current challenges limiting learning opportunities to many students including, learning practices that end at school; overcrowded classes which reduce students’ learning attention; insufficient students text books, teaching and learning resources; and unaffordable costs to access remedial sessions after schools’ hours especially, to underserved children.
The initiative supports friendly learning environment to students with difficulty in mastering literacy, numeracy and other subject skills during classroom learning sessions; it enables students to revise classes, it enables students to take notes and carry out previous lessons exercise taught in case he/she missed them due to sickness or menstruation period challenges to girls. It enables students to continue learning after school hours. This initiative can also be the learning alternative for students during quarantine due to breakout of the pandemic such as COVID-19, Cholera, Ebola etc.
This initiative needs funding support for production of audiovisual materials and distribution to targeted beneficiaries. These are ongoing tasks that need facilitation costs for supporting professional teachers, ICT personnel, editors in production tasks. Also, procurement of production equipment and materials including computers, smart pens, Microphones, stationaries, and distribution accessories including flash disks or SD memory cards and other storages that can be compatible with devices such as Televisions, smart phones, computers and tablets.
We ask for your donation to support the implementation of this initiative. Any amount of money contributed will go direct in supporting production or distribution tasks as per your choice.
Your $3 can support 1 flash disk with capacity of 8GB and this will be provided directly to students.
Your $5 can support 1 SD card with capacity of 8GB that will be provided directly to students.
Your $10 can contribute 50% of supporting 1 day cost for meal and transport for 1 teacher during production of audio-visual materials
Your $20 can support 1 day cost for editing 3 lessons
Your $25 can support purchasing 5 paper rimes
Your $50 can support 10 audio-visual distributor meals and transport per day
Your $100 can support 20 audio- visual distributors, or purchase 20 paper rims or edit 15 lessons, or support 5 teachers’ meals and transport per day.
Your $ 150 can support procurement of a smart pen for production
Your $200 can support a monthly internet bundle for uploading audio-visual materials to cloud servers.
Your $250 can support 1. ICT personnel allowance/ moth
Your $300 can support procurement of Vocal-booth for production
Your $500 can support procurement of 1 computer for audio-visual materials recording
Your $1000 can support procurement of 1 computer for editing audio-visual materials
Your $2000-$5000 can procure computer for min server
Please contribute to help us pursue this initiative and help underserved children to access education. You can contribute by donating cash, support equipment or materials to our production center or undertake a fundraising campaign on behalf of our organization. Our goal is to raise $ 350,000. 

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Kindly contact us through [email protected] for more information and support.

Contact person: Juhudi N. Mbwambo – Executive Director.

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