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Ecoli’s objective

The overall ECOLI’s objective is to build capacity, enable and promote the access development opportunities to underprivileged groups in the society so that they can liberate themselves from the obstacles hindering their development individually and national in general.

Through its program ECOLI is determined to fulfil a number of specific objectives to achieve its vision and mission. Those objectives are;

1.To identify problems facing underprivileged groups in the society and find ways to solve them out. 

2.To promote and build capacity for quality child care, education services and social economic development in the society. 

3.To enhance quality livelihood among children, youths, women and other society members. 

4.Linking with other organizations and development partners to ensure improvement of the society. 

5.Doing fund raising for projects which will be able to implement the organization objectives. 

6.To affiliate, confer, consult and cooperate with government and private institutions, societies and organizations having the same objectives either in whole or part.

7.To become a leading NGO with good example to others as a catalyst of change and development for marginalized groups internally and externally.

Our Core Values: 

We are guided by our core values including:

I. Transparency: ECOLI shall promote the culture of transparency among its staff, members and in the way it relates with other stakeholders to promote institutional learning and accountability. 

II. Trust: The organization shall cultivate the culture of trust. This is very important as transparency cannot be realized without this. 

III. Accountability: ECOLI will not be accountable to donors alone, but rather the spirit of accountability will be cultivated among the staff, members and other stakeholders. 

IV. Respect: Constructive ideas and contribution of all staff, members and other stakeholders will be honored and respected. 

V. Diversity: The organization shall value diversity of ideas and a number of attributes of participating individuals, members and other stakeholders. 

VI. Innovation and Creativity: The spirit of being innovative and creative will be encouraged so as to enable ECOLI to cope with the changing socio-economic environment and technologies. 

VII. Cost effectiveness: Time and wise use of scarce resources is crucial to maximize the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. The ability to do much with little shall be promoted within the organization.

 VIII. Volunteerism spirit: We value, encourage and promote humanity more than rewards in all aspects of social wellbeing.

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